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Glamorous pink and gray nursery

Welcome to my absolute favourite room in our house – Elle’s oh-so-elegant, pink and gray nursery.

I could seriously spend all day and night in this space (and trust me, before she finally started sleeping through the night, I did)!

Baby girl pink and gray nursery with chandelier, tufted crib, pink crib canopy and peony wall decals

This nursery was a labour of love for Aaron and me. When I was six months pregnant, we spent three weekends installing the beaded wainscoting, painting the walls a calming gray and assembling the drum chandelier and white furniture. It was gender neutral perfection – if not a tad on the feminine side!

Pink and gray nursery with Jellycat unicorn stuffed animal

After Elle arrived, I added shimmering pink accents and bold florals to create an enchanting, glamorous aesthetic.

Let’s check out the details of this pink and gray nursery:

1) Sophisticated Silver Tufted Crib

You know in the movies when the bride-to-be tries on a wedding dress and just knows it’s the one? Ya, that was me when I saw Elle’s crib for the first time. I’d been shopping online and was 100 per cent convinced I was going to get the infamous (you know you’ve seen it) Blythe convertible crib from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s gorgeous!

Edmonton doesn’t have a Pottery Barn Kids though, and checking things out in person is SO much fun. So I rolled out to West Coast Kids with my Mum and Mother-In-Law and… That’s. When. I. Saw. It.

I swear I held my breath. It was standing at the back of the store, and I made my way towards it slowly, almost scared it wouldn’t look as good up close as it did from far away.

But it did! It was gorgeous and perfect and absolutely out of my price range. But that day there were two first time grandmas and a first time mother making decisions so you KNOW we were irresponsible and just went ahead and got it.

Pink and gray nursery for baby girl with silver tufted crib and pink canopy

My dream crib has a name; it’s the Natart Juvenile (yay, Canadian-made!) Allegra convertible crib with a diamond tufted headboard. I creeped their website and it’s available at numerous North American specialty baby stores.

Here are some other glamorous cribs that were at the top of my wish list:

2) Pink and Gray Nursery Watercolour Peony Wall Decals

Pink and gray nursery with watercolour peony wall decals

If you’re considering jumping on the wall decal train, do it! I can think of no easier way to add some serious wow factor to a room. Plus, you can remove them easily without causing any damage to your walls.

I’m all about giving credit where credit is due, and I love these watercolour peonies by Rocky Mountain Decals. Not only are they beautiful, but they were so easy to install – like smoothing silk onto my walls.

I’ve tried a few other brands that were finicky… like when you put a screen protector on your iPhone and it keeps trapping air bubbles. So I really appreciated how easy these decals were to install. Plus, they’re made in Canada!

Here are some other fun decals and removable wallpaper prints I’ve been crushing on. I’m such a fan of using a fun print to create a nursery feature wall.

3) Blush Pink Sparkle Canopy

Okay, just for the record, I did not drive three hours to Calgary just to go to Pottery Barn Kids. We WERE going there anyway but yes, I may have insisted that hubby direct our car towards Chinook Mall. My reason? I was on a canopy hunt!

I’m just going to go ahead and blame this one on Instagram. Photos of gorgeous, romantic canopies were filling my feed. I’d seen some in person that didn’t quite have the wow factor I was looking for. However, the Emily & Merritt Sparkle Ta-Da Canopy had the perfect amount of feminine elegance in a beautiful blush pink tone.

Just to note, in case anyone is wondering, we screwed the canopy into a stud to ensure it can’t be tugged down. Each night I wind up the tulle and pin it out of reach, just to be on the safe side.

Pink and gray nursery with swan head taxidermy

4) Dove Gray Glider

This chair swivels, glides and reclines, making it perfect for late night feedings and baby snuggles.

With this piece, I was thinking longterm. I went for a gender neutral, dove gray colour that will work perfectly in future nurseries (yay, more babies!).

Pink and gray nursery featuring gray glider and peony wall decals

For texture, I added a chunky blush pink merino wool blanket from Princess and the Peas (another fab Canadian shop)! A gray Mongolian fur pillow and an “I’ll love you forever” canvas pillow add extra comfort to the chair.

Pink and gray nursery with 'I'll love you forever' pillow

5) Swan and framed wall decor

As you may have read, Elle had a swan princess-themed first birthday party and I wanted to bring this elegant bird into her bedroom.

I found this plush swan head on sale for $40. I painted it’s orange beak gold and tied some blush pink tulle around it’s neck to give it a more feminine look.

Pink and gray nursery with plush taxidermy-style swan head

Above Elle’s dresser I have three white framed prints. I love their look and they were SO affordable. I purchased two instant downloads from Etsy for only $7 each and then printed them on thick card stock at Staples for under $1 each.

Pink and gray nursery with Natart Juvenile Allegra Dresser

6) Dresser

To match our crib, I went with the Natart Juvenile Allegra three-drawer white dresser. I love it’s elegant shape and decorative handles!

Here are some other gorgeous options I’ve been admiring. The pink dresser is seriously stunning and would look gorgeous in a pink and gray nursery!

Pink and gray nursery with fuzzy Jellycat bunny

7) Cute Little Pink and Gray Nursery Details

Throughout Elle’s room you’ll find pink and gray pom pom canvas bins that are perfect for holding small items I use often like headbands, socks and bathing supplies.

Although most of Elle’s toys are hidden away in her toy box, I do use a few of her more whimsical fuzzy friends as decor items. Another favourite detail of mine is her white tulle bed skirt. 

I think if you asked Elle, though, she’d say her rocking sheep is the best part of her pink and gray nursery. It has four programmed songs that really get her jazzed. She also adores her fuzzy sheepskin rug. She face dives into it, giggling hysterically, to let Mum know it’s time for a nap.

Pink and gray nursery with rocking lamb and star light

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out Elle’s pink and gray nursery! If you enjoyed this article, you can pin your favourite photos!

In the mood for more inspiration? Take a peek at Elle’s swan princess first birthday party and my 10 favourite baby items. 

Xo Holly Hunka

Pink and gray nursery with shimmering pink drapes

Pink and gray nursery featuring Rocky Mountain Decals

Pink and gray nursery with silver crib, peony decals and sheepskin rug

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Glamorous pink and gray baby girl nursery on Chandeliers and Champagne - peony wall decals, tulle canopy, gray sheepskin rug, swan and unicorn details

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