Easy Toddler Fall Photo Idea

I don’t know about you, but I have a very BUSY toddler on my hands. Long gone are the days when baby girl would sit happily in one place, cooing adorably. She now has way better things to do than letting her mama take some photos!

I still love trying though – it’s like a sport, really. And while I know there’s no sense in attempting to put Elle IN a pumpkin like I did last year (thank you Pinterest!), I decided to capture her encountering a mini white pumpkin for the first time.

Thought I’d share this quick toddler fall photo idea that you can easily try at home with your little.

Baby girl with white pumpkins

I found the perfect little corner in our home with soft, diffused natural light to take the photos. I laid down a white faux fur rug for Elle to sit on and dressed her in her frilliest outfit.

Speaking from experience, I had only a few minutes before Elle bored of the pumpkins and was on the move, so make sure you have your camera settings in place or your iPhone ready to go before handing the pumpkins over to your little one!

Good luck and happy snapping!

Easy toddler fall photo idea

Toddler girl with white pumpkins

Comment below if you try out this easy toddler fall photo idea!

xo Holly Hunka

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