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3 Easy Fall Tablescapes

Autumn is in the air and, as it turns out, it’s also all over my table. I’m talking pumpkins everywhere! 

But I’m not complaining – with its cozy sweaters, vibrantly coloured leaves and pumpkin spiced lattes, fall is my favourite time of year.

Next week, though, the weather forecast in Edmonton is calling for snow. SNOW! Can you believe it?

So while I still have the chance, and with American Thanksgiving just around the corner, I figured now would be the perfect time to share my fall table setting for my friends south of the border.

Blessed grey and pink fall table setting

This year I played around with three looks for my fall table.

Earlier in the season, before the thermostat started to drop, I kept my look light and bright to match the weather. Fresh pink roses, baby’s breath and white hydrangeas were the central focus of this understated tablescape.

Three vases of varying heights paired nicely with grey velvet pumpkins, white candles and a blue table runner that provided a pop of colour.

Pink rose fall tablescape

Pink rose fall tablescape

Pink rose fall tablescape

As Canadian Thanksgiving neared, the temperature started to drop and I began craving richer fall colours. I replaced the blue table runner with beige, the bright pink roses with muted blush, and the white candles with silver birch.

Given my stay-at-home mom budget, my goal this year was to repurpose decor I already owned to create my fall table. The only items I purchased this season were the mini white pumpkins I placed in the bowls.

The luxe gold napkins were left over from Elle’s first birthday; the Mikasa wine glasses were a wedding gift; and the faux florals and faux pumpkins were all finds from last year!

Blessed Thanksgiving fall tablescape

Closeup on grey and pink fall table setting

Close-up of grey velvet pumpkin

Blessed fall tablescape idea

Pink rose and gold pumpkin fall table

Close-up of pink and white tablescape

My favourite part of this tablescape, though, was the pumpkin centrepiece.

To achieve this look, I simply cut the top off a craft pumpkin, inserted a smaller vase filled with water and then arranged my fresh blooms.

Craft pumpkin vase

After my blush pink roses died (they lasted two weeks before they croaked – not bad, right), I created a faux arrangement for the centerpiece using rich, moody autumn tones.

This is the view I’m currently looking at as I type!

Faux floral centerpiece

With this post, I’m saying goodbye to pumpkins for the season. After Remembrance Day, I tend to start sneaking up Christmas decor from our basement storage (my name is Holly after all – it’s only fitting that my allegiance is to all things Christmas).

Thanks for stopping by to check out my fall tablescapes!

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